Welcome to Yakutat, Alaska

Yakutat, Alaska is one of the most beautiful places you've ever seen. Located in the northern part of Southeast Alaska, it has everything! Glaciers, ice bergs, Mount St. Elias, trees dripping in moss, long sandy beaches, surfing, rivers, meadows, cruise ships, great fishing, old W.W.II relics, berries galore, bears, moose, rabbits, llamas, and wonderful people. Gramma had a great time there and can't wait to go back. Our Grampa is running the pilot boat out of Yakutat, for all the cruise ships that visit Hubbard Glacier.

Hubbard Glacier is over 75 miles long and is the largest North American river of ice. It is over 6 miles wide and almost 500 high. In May 1986, it surged over 47 feet in one day closing off the mouth of Russell Fiord, creating Russell Lake, the world's largest glacial lake. Marine mammals were trapped by the new lake as it filled higher and higher with water. Location of Yakutat, AlaskaPeople in Yakutat watched with concern as the water level rose because there was the danger of Yakutat being completely wiped out if the water continued to rise. In October the dam broke free with an estimated 5.3 billion cubic meters of water, freeing the wildlife and saving Yakutat. I'm sure the folks in Yakutat hopes that never happens again, but you never know....... Here's the perfect place to learn something about glaciers and icebergs..... Well done by 6th grade students.

Be sure to contact Geoff Widdows on the "Sea Raven" if you visit Yakutat, especially is you want to fish for salmon and halibut. He's lived and fished in Yakutat for about 30 years, year-round, and he can tell you everything there is to know about the whole area. He and his wife, Kris, are just the best! We think you'd like him. Kris owns and operates Kayakutat, sea kayak rentals and tours. She fishes, makes yummy jams from the local berries, takes great photos, is an ace kayak tour guide, and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We highly recommend getting in touch with Geoff & Kris if you're planning on a trip to paradise. Just the mountains surrounding Yakutat are worth the visit! You'll see Mount St. Elias, the second tallest peak in the United States soaring 18,008 feet.

Want to see the photos of Yakutat, complete with bears, llamas, fish, and some beautiful places? Visit our photo page.....





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