Disneyland with the Wee Kiwis
We love Disneyland
Aubby hiding from us at Disneyland
We went to Disneyland just before we moved to New Zealand in 1997. We were sad that Grampa couldn't go with us because he was in Miami, Florida working on his new pilot boat for Southeast Alaska. Someday we'll go back with Grampa 'cause he is so much fun... He's really like a big kid and makes us laugh and laugh.

Minnie Mouse is so sweet.We missed one of our most favorite Disney characters last time so the first stop on our list is a visit to Quasimodo. We just love him! Don't you?

We've put links to Quasimodo and some of our other favorites characters here just for you and hope that you will visit them too...

Mickey Mouse was a great host at Disneyland.Here's a picture of us with our Daddy and Mickey. Wow, that was an incredible day..... but Aubrey didn't feel so well. But she was a real trooper and tried her best to have a good time... Don't you just love her hat, though?

Hidden Mickeys




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