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Hello..... Lot's of things are going on at the Wee Kiwis. It's now April and we've had some great times this summer in New Zealand. Getting a little chilly now though with Fall descending upon us. Here's what's been happening or going to happen in our part of the world.......

Kiwi biker
Three cheers for me!!!! That's me, Aubrey, during a trike-a-thon at school to raise funds to my kindergarten class. Our Gramma & Grampa in Alaska pledged $10 a lap and I went around the track 40 TIMES!!!! Very good for an extremely focused, determined 3 year old.... Everyone was so proud of me and I was able to raise a lot of money for my school.

The school will use the funds to erect a shade cover over the playground so that the children will be protected from the sun. Good idea..........

2ballerinas.jpgHi, this is Stasha and I am a ballerina and I love to dance....from ballet to Irish Step Dancing. I can't remember when I didn't dance... Aubrey and I like to put on performances for our family and pretend that we are on a great stage. I think we got this tendency from our Mum.

I love my ballet class and am happy that Aubrey also takes ballet. I think we are both quite good. Wait till our Gramma in Alaska sees us dance now. We have learned so much since we were there.

School is the best! It is so exciting to learn to read and write. I've even learned how to write and send my own e-mail to Gramma. I need to know that word because Gramma is giving us a computer when we get back to Alaska. I will help Aubrey learn to read and write because that's what big sister's are for....... and then I will help her on the computer.

Here's a picture of our beautiful Mummy when she played Rita in "Educating Rita" on stage. Mum is getting ready for a performance of Chicken Soup for the Soul which she is directing in Whitianga. We are very glad she is doing this again because it was such a hit in Ketchikan. She's an incredible actress, singer, writer, director, cook, and Mum... You can visit her web site to see all of the things that Mummy has done in her life.

soccer.jpgHere we are after a rousing game of soccer. This is a great sport! Very popular in New Zealand, but also a sport we can play in Alaska. If you want to sleep good at night, take up soccer.

Do you want to know more about New Zealand soccer? Click here.

Warren.jpgThis is our Daddy. He was Fireman of the Year in Ketchikan, Alaska. Isn't he handsome? We think so. He is leaving this month to return to Ketchikan and the Fire Department..... and then when Mummy's play is finished we can join him there.

Daddy is just what a fireman should be..... strong, kind, smart, and very quick to respond to any emergency. He is also an electrian, a welder, and a carpenter. We are so lucky to have parents that have so many different talents. We will miss him so much when he's gone but we will see him soon.

So there you have it. All that we've been doing lately.
We'll keep you posted of current events ...







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