Awards are a great way of saying thank you for your efforts.
The Wee Kiwis

Award Page

We appreciate you stopping by to visit us.

NOTE: We are in the process of changing our awards and just can't accept any requests for awards at this time. Please be patient and come back soon to submit your site. Thank you for your understanding.

We would love to look at your web site and present you with an award for your hard work and creativity. We believe that everyone should win something for their efforts and appreciate your submissions for our award.

Guidelines for submission:

1. Your site must be kid friendly and safe surfing.
2. Absolutely no pornography or swearing.
3. We like happy sites with lots of fun stuff.
4. We love learning new things so educational stuff is a plus.
5. All of your links should work.
6. Just one submission per site per month, please.

Please e-mail us with your web site address and be patient with us... we're busy playing or going to school warm Alaskan sun but we won't keep you waiting long. In the meantime, visit some great sites that have already won our award......



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