The Day Miss Mindy Came To Color

Pray for Peace in Northern Ireland

crayol2.gif (1073 bytes) Aubrey and the Bird

crayol1.gif (1075 bytes) Stasha and the Dragon

crayol3.gif (1075 bytes) Aubrey and the Cat

crayol4.gif (1075 bytes) Stasha and the Clam

crayol5.gif (1075 bytes) Aubrey and the Dragon

crayol6.gif (1075 bytes) The Volunteer Fire Girl

crayol7.gif (1075 bytes) Shauna is Sewing

crayol8.gif (1075 bytes) Aubrey and Stasha

Miss Mindy is quite a talented artist. She folds Post-It Notes into amazing pieces of art. This background is a sample of what she can do with Post-It Notes. There are thousands and thousands of little Post-It notes in this one peice. For her last show in Seattle she folded 30,000! Aren't you impressed? You can visit the 3M web site which features Mindy's work with the simple Post-It Note. By the way, her real name is Melynda Gierard.

Miss Mindy is a graduate of the Chicago Art Institute and is talented in many fields. Besides folding Post-It Notes she paints, draws, beads and lots of other things! She is going to be a famous artist one day. She has lived in Europe a lot and we love to hear about her adventures. She speaks fluent French and will soon be moving to Germany permanently with her fiance, Jan (pronounced, Yawn). We will miss her very much but we hope to go visit her soon.

We have known Miss Mindy all of our lives. She is one of our favorites family friends. She is so much fun that we always look forward to her visits. She draws with us, sings with us and lets us roll her up in blankets like a burrito.

One day Miss Mindy came to visit and we all colored and made up stories while Mummy made us some school clothes. We thought you would enjoy the pictures we created with Miss Mindy. Just click on the crayon and paper and away you go......

Do you like to color? Visit The Wee Kiwis "Old McDonald's Farm Coloring Book" online and print out some pictures of animals.




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