Stasha, Jami, Katy & Dorsey

A Girl Pop Group
Featuring Aubrey on Keyboards

We are ready for fame and fortune! We've started our own girl pop group and we're so excited!!!

Our group has 4 singers and we hope to perform at the Blueberry Festival and at other functions around town. We already performed at school for the Valentine's party so that was great exposure. Aubrey will play keyboards for us and sing too. She has a great voice as well and can really play the piano. Dave Jones is teaching both of us to play and we love it!

Mum said she would record us and then make a CD for us. Mum and Dave are already famous and sing at Steamer's every weekend and they have a CD out called "Live at Steamers". They even played at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in October 2000! Isn't that fab??? Anyway, when we figure out which songs to put on our CD, we'll let you know.

Right now we sing "Dancing Queen", "I Like Candy", and "Mamma Mia".... as you can see we really like disco and especially ABBA. Gramma just bought us the new Aaron Carter CD (for Stasha) and the new Robbie Williams CD (for Aubrey). We have a lot of work to do to get our repertoire filled with great music.

Sometimes our Mum lets us go to Steamer's and sing with her. Below are a couple of pictures of us singing "I Will Survive", Stasha's personal favorite and we can't remember what song we were singing when we were sitting down! Oh, well.....

We'll keep you posted and let you know how it's going with The Blueberries... in the meantime, our Mum made a CD and you can listen to some of her songs at See you soon.

The Wee Kiwis

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