Alaska or Bust with the Wee Kiwis
Alaska or Bust 1998


We're back in the Great Land, the Land of the Midnight Sun, the Last Frontier, the Great State of Alaska, the 49th State.......The Great State of Alaska The days and times feel all mixed up when you cross the international dateline. It's really quite extraordinary though and very interesting.

We had quite the adventure before we left New Zealand. Grandma Judy & Grandpa Shirwin took us to some wonderful places before we left. We had a super time at the Auckland Zoo.

1monkey.gifEvery animal imaginable lives there - Galapagos Tortoises, Red Pandas, Wallabys, Kiwis, Monkeys - and we just loved everything. We also went to Kelly Tarlton's Anarctic Encounter-Underwater World. Wait until you see the Penguins! Pen02.gif They are so much fun to watch. The actual day we departed we went to Rainbow's End which is a New Zealand version of a small Disneyland.

After a great day of playing and a very sad goodbye we left Auckland. (Remember when we told you about going Disneyland 1997. Well, we have to wait. Gramma had surgery on her knee so we'll go later.) We almost screamed when we saw our home from the window of the jet and couldn't wait to land. It's great to be back home and really super great to see our playhouse and all of our friends again........

sunsmile2.gifWell the sun is shining in Alaska and we're going to help Gramma in her garden. It's a huge garden with lots of pretty flowers. While we're busy doing that we'd like to share some of the fantastic things we have here in Alaska. Get comfortable and have fun. Click on any of the Alaskan Forget-Me-Nots below and let's begin.

See you next month for our 4th of July explosion. Bye-bye, thank you for visiting.

Forget-Me-NotsForget-Me-Nots Forget-Me-Nots Forget-Me-Nots Forget-Me-Nots Forget-Me-Nots
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