The Wee Kiwis heading off to school on a brisk September morning...

School in Alaska and New Zealand

~ Stasha's School Days~
Fall 2007 Note from Stasha: (It seems like so long ago when we wrote this about school! I'm in 9th grade now and Aubrey is a 7th grader and we both still love school. It's so important to get a good education and keep learning. Even Gramma loves to learn new things and she's kinda old!)

Don't you just love school? We do....

When we were in New Zealand, I was in the 1st grade and Aubrey was in Kindergarten. When I came back to Alaska I was in Kindergarten and Aubrey is in Pre-School! In New Zealand, they believe children are ready to learn much earlier than here in the USA. We tend to agree with New Zealand on this issue.

I'm now in 2nd grade and I love school and The WorldI really do like homework! My studies include language arts, math, world history & geography, American history & geography, visual arts, music, and science. With all of our travels, geography is a piece of cake! And reading is one of my favorites, too. We also have swimming lessons every week because we are surrounded by water and it's important to know how to swim.

~ Aubrey's School Days~

I'm in Kindergarten and I love it! I have lots of friends at school and we have lots of fun each day. We have lots to learn and we get to sing and play and color and listen to stories... It's just the best.

Aubrey swimmingLearning is exciting and every day I learn something new. I guess that means my life is pretty exciting! Lucky me!! We even do silly things like have a special day that we can wear our most outrageous hats. Isn't that fun?

"Show and Tell" is another one of my favorite things. It's so much fun to see what everyone has to share. I love my teachers and my school. We have swimming at my school and Grampa takes us to the swimming pool too so Stasha and I can practice. Grampa says I'm fearless... he's so funny.

Want to do some school lessons with us? Hop on the bus and away we'll go...

Jump on the school bus and let's learn


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Eat your breakfast

Study hard and don't forget...
breakfast is your most important meal.

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