The Wee Kiwis wish you a happy Easter from Alaska and New Zealand.  

Shauna Lee & David Jones, Live at Steamers jazz CDDid we tell you????? Our Mum is a star and very famous here in Ketchikan. She and David L. Jones (he's our piano teacher & Mum's musical partner) recorded a CD called "Live at Steamers". They called it "Live at Steamers" because that is where they were playing and it was a great place for dinner and entertainment.

Shauna Lee singing for Gov. Frank MurkowskiWe are so proud of our Mum and Dave. They even played for Alaska's Governor Frank Murkowski's Inaugural Party that was held in Ketchikan. Mum sang God Bless the USA and the National Anthem.

They even sang in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. Mum really felt like a star when they got to go through the entertainers special entrance. Our Mum is a very, very good singer. She has a 4 octave range and perfect pitch. We don't have that range yet but we were lucky to inherit her perfect pitch. And do we love to sing!!!! We even sang at Steamers with Mum on stage. Pretty neat experience. Now if we could just figure out how to convince Mum to let us try out for Junior American Idol..... hummmmmmmmm.

The CD has all kinds of neat music like old jazz songs. We know each and every song on that CD because we end up learning all the songs Mum sings! You can go to Mum's site and listen to her sing songs like Unchained Melody, Fever, and even Aubrey's favorite, Over the Rainbow.

For Christmas, we got very cool gifts from our Gramma & Grampa. I got a real guitar and Gramma is setting up lessons at McPherson's Music with Shannon Spring (he's an amazing guitar player). Aubrey got a real karaoke machine. The words show up on a screen and it has two microphones so we can both sing. Maybe the Blueberries will have a CD someday..... We'll keep you posted.

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