Spooks on Parade
Please be patient, we have a lot of spooky graphics to celebrate Halloween in Alaska....

ickThe Wee Kiwis welcome you to celebrate Halloween in Alaska with them...  Come in if you dare!ick

Boo BatsWatch out! EEE-ee-e-e-e-eeBoo bats!Look out!!!!!
Welcome to the Wee Kiwis Halloween Adventure coming to you from Alaska where tall cedars sway in the wind and the wolves sing to the moon on a creepy, crawly, spooky Halloween night. Would you like to play a game? Do you dare? We've hidden wee pumpkins within our Halloween Story, written by our Mummy, that will take you to other Halloween sites where you will find costume ideas, recipes, scary stories, a goblin or two, pages to color, mazes to master, and many more exciting Halloween things. Come on, it will be fun........

Don't touch the slime!

booWho's There?boo
a Story by our Mummy
I'm looking for you......
ItWee Kiwi Manor was a cold and windy Halloween night at the Wee Kiwi Manor and a creepy October fog had settled over the old house. Stasha and Aubrey BOO had just returned from a long night of trick-or- treating. They had eaten a few of their yummy treats and after brushing their teeth extra good had gotten ready for bed. They both nestled snugly under their quilts BOO while Mummy read them a story and soon they began to drift off to sleep. When they were well on their way to dreamland, Mummy closed the book, turned out the lights and tucked them in for the night. It was only a moment after mummy had left the room that they heard a strange and curious sound......


went the noise. BOO Neither of them made a peep, wondering if the other had made the funny sound. Then they heard it again!


Where are you my pretties????With that they both jumped out of bed and hugged each other tightly. "Wa... wa... what was that?" asked Stasha, as she held her trembling sister. "How should I know, " replied Aubrey. Perhaps it was a spooky ghost BOO or a wicked witch flying around in the night sky. The both looked out the window with wide curious eyes but they did not see a thing. Maybe it was a scary mummy or a big black bat creeping around in their closet. They both looked around the room with wide curious eyes but they did not see a thing. Stasha and Aubrey began to squeeze each other tighter when they heard the noise again...


They were just about to run for the bedroom door when they heard another, even stranger noise. This time it was coming from behind their bedroom door. BOO


It's only me!  Casper the Friendly Ghost...It was as loud as could be and Stasha and Aubrey both jumped under the covers of Aubrey's bed, pulling the blankets high up over their heads. "Do.. do... do you think that a monster followed us home after trick-or-treating", Stasha stuttered. "Oh my, I hope not," replied Aubrey, BOO as she trembled beside her sister. Just then their bedroom door began to creek open. With every inch the girls shivered more. Would it be a big yellow monster, or a spooky mean ghost? Or maybe a slimy green space BOO alien with fingers three feet long and five antennas poking out of its head! Stasha and Aubrey squeezed their eyes shut, not wanting to see the scary monster behind the door. Then they heard the noise again right inside their room!!!! BOO


rumbled the horrible sound as it crept closer and closer to their bed. Stasha and Aubrey were just about to scream for their Mummy when they heard a more BOO familiar rumbling....


They opened their eyes and looked at each other under the covers. "Hey, I know that sound," said Stasha. "Hey, so do I," replied Aubrey. The girls slowly pulled the covers down and finally saw where the noise was coming from. There stood BOO Jack, The Lumberjack Dog, with a bag full of treats in his mouth snicking and snorking away as BOO loud as could be trying to get someone's attention. Stasha and Aubrey jumped out of bed, laughing and giggling and gave Jack a big hug. They were both so relieved to find that what they thought was a big scary BOO monster was just their little lovable puppy.

Fly away wicked witch!

candlelight Have a safe Halloween....


For more Halloween Fun visit Home & Family. You'll find
everything you need for the best Halloween ever!!!

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