The Wee Kiwis wish you a happy Easter from Alaska and New Zealand.


We love holidays!! And with Easter just around the corner we thought we would share some of our favorite places with you.

Easter is a wonderful time of year because the flowers are starting to bloom and everything seems so fresh. It's the time of year when Alaskan's start coming out of their winter hideaways and rejoicing in the sights and sounds of spring.

But in New Zealand it's autumn!! Sometimes people forget that in other parts of the world the seasons are opposite. Whatever time of year it is your part of the world, we're sure it will still be just right for a great family gathering and a fun Easter egg hunt…….

And while you are waiting for the Easter bunny, please stop by some of our Kiwi Links, where you will find coloring books, puzzles, and other fun things to do. We especially like the EggHead game. As always, have fun!!!!

The Family Corner
This is a great place to start your Easter fun!
Lots of activities here, with coloring pages, games, and other fun things to do
Easter for Kids and Teachers
You'll have fun here
Easter Fun & Games
Great crafts and more just for you
The Easter Islands
Learn about the mysterious Easter Islands with lots of pictures.
Burra Nimu, The Easter Bilby
An Australian children's story for easter.




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