Happy St. Patricks Day from the Wee Kiwis.

IrelandIrelandIrelandIrelandIrelandWe love St. Patrick's Day

Every year we celebrate St. Patrick's Day because we are proud of our Irish heritage. For weeks before the big day, March 17th, we find little leprechaun footprints all over Gramma's & Grampa's house, our house, and Miss Marie's house (she's from Dublin, Ireland so we're sure they followed her to Alaska). Sometimes we even find them in our slippers! Silly leprechauns...

leprechauns in IrelandOn St. Patrick's Day, the most festive of all holidays, we take our baskets and run to our yard. We have lots of fun finding bars of silver and gold chocolates, sparkling jewelry, and other special treats that they have so cleverly hidden. Sometimes we even see them hiding in the blueberry bushes or throwing more bars of silver and gold from our roof, but when we run to catch them they are too fast and they disappear like magic.....

Irish linksWe'd like to share some fun places for you to visit while you're waiting for the leprechauns...

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Happy St. Patricks Day from the Wee Kiwis in Alaska.  Pray for peace in Northern Ireland.

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