Welcome to the enchanted land of faeries, elves, leprechauns and gnomes. A special place that is ruled by two wee little princesses, Princess Stasha and Princess Aubrey, The Wee Kiwi rulers of the Moon Faery Meadow. They invite you to skip through their fields and marvel at the sites.

The Wee Kiwi Princesses have chosen these enchanted sites
especially for other little faery princesses (and princes) to enjoy. After reading some of the stories or playing some of the games, send us a greeting by way of Faery Mail. It will reach them within two shakes of a leprechauns bell.

Below are more enchanted links to fly to. Beat your wings quickly and soar to these sites as well...the faeries will meet you there!

The Moon Faery Meadow was made with love by our Mummy

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This Fairy Ring site is owned by faery mum.

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