Hubbard Glacier Photos
in Disenchantment Bay near Yakutat, Alaska

Iceberg in Disenchantment Bay
An iceberg greeting on the way to Hubbard Glacier....


Hubbard Glacier
A spectacular view of the glacier in Disenchantment

Hubbard Glacier is very active and we didn't wait long for it to calve.... (Calving:The term used when a tidewater glacier sheds icebergs off of its face into the sea. This progressive breaking off can range from small boulder-size pieces to sections as large as 30 story buildings.

We were sure the whole face of the glacier was going to come down....


And it did! The following day, of course. We took the marine pilot off the cruise ship Mercury and he told us that they had the most incredible experience of watching a mile and a half of the glacier's face calve like dominos. He said the noise was thunderous and the wave that resulted completely covered a small island in the bay. He said the force of it was so enormous that if the Mercury had been closer it could have caused the ship to roll. You have to be very careful around an active glacier because they are so powerful and unpredictable. Just the small bits that calved in the above pictures made a sound like thunder clapping right over your head and the waves produced rocked our boat to the point I thought I'd get seasick...... It was quite an experience and I can't wait to go back with the video camera next week.

Thank you for letting me share my pictures with you.... You can see more photos of the Yakutat area by visiting Sea Raven Charters.



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